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Wackky replay
this is weird and injoy

Merged the four of your threads from the past day together. Don't do this again. ~Tamer0
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its good but not relaxed enough 7/10
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Okkaayy. First of all, "amazing" is not amazing at all
It's a very basic and obvious move, I'd only give it like 3/10, because it also lacks any relax or rotation... Just a basic move in a straight line.
The 2nd replay is a bit better, but again, no rotation, no relax, nothing new.
I'm pretty sure everyone in the game already did that. 4/10 is about right ;)
The 3rd replay is the best one here, at least you did something in that one, so I'd say 5/10. This is just constructive criticism though, please don't be offended.
I believe you're a new player, and those replays are just fine for your belt ;>
All I'm suggesting is a bit more relax and variety.
Dude, the fuck? 4 replay threads on the first page of replays? Please keep your replay's in one thread. This jusst clutters up the replay board. And the replays aren't really good, look at other replay makers' replays and practice a lot. You'll get there.
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