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This thread's purpose is to gather more thoughts on Matchmaking and how it should work.

Toribash development team is currently focused on making the Matchmaking system work as you would expect a proper matchmaking to, and we would like to make sure our current plans fit community's desires and views on it. Any thoughts and new ideas are welcome and will be considered.

What is currently planned to be implemented:

  • Ranked - a "first to 3" duel
    • No mod choice - players get to fight in randomly selected mods (mod changes each fight).
      Draft mod list: aikidobigdojo.tbm, taekkyon.tbm, lenshu3ng.tbm (or rk-mma.tbm), judofrac.tbm
    • Brown belt restriction
    • Seasonal rank resets (3 months for season length)
    • No daily rank 1 reward. Instead, weekly rewards for top n players or one-time reward at the end of the season.
    • Matchmaking being the only way to rank up.

  • Unranked - a "first to 2" duel
    • Pick the mod group to play
    • No belt restriction

We also plan to disable daily rank 1 rewards for now as it has turned into "farm rank without getting caught" fest.
It doesn't mean that everybody with top ranks farmed their way up, but Event Squad members have to deal with rank-related reports on almost a daily basis. We may still reward top players in some way.

EDIT (10/03/2017):
Originally Posted by sir View Post
Matchmaking mods have been changed, mod list now consists of "classic" mods.

Grappling: aikido.tbm, aikidobigdojo.tbm, greykido.tbm
Kicking: taekkyon.tbm, erthtkv2.tbm, kickbox.tbm
Striking: lenshu3ng.tbm, rk-mma.tbm, wushu3box.tbm

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I really like the Ranked points, basically all I had in mind. But I wonder, is unranked really necessary? I can't see people feel a use for it, especially with how easy it is to make a lobby.
Unranked is good for low-qi players that want to use it I guess.

Edit: Just like Kratos said below me, yes. Black belt restriction please. There's a huge gap in skill between brown and black. OR, if possible, match people with relevant qi.
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I personally find this a better Idea than the matchmaking and rank 1 rewards we got now
Black belt restriction instead of Brown maybe?
The random mod thing seems a bad idea tbh.
This is a great idea. Hopefully we can get this going. I like how this sounds, and it makes it a bit more interesting.
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Rank 1 players get random item, or maybe end of month 1st rank prize. Just hold the daily prize that were being used and wait till the end of month and award to the rank 1 player.
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I really like the idea of this ranking system.
I also feel like there could be few ranked ladders: x belt to y, y belt to a belt and so on. Might be too much of a stretch as I'm not sure about development complexity, but I feel like this would give a fair chance for players of all capabilities to compete and win prizes in their own category. Prizes should scale accordingly with ladder so it should demotivate people from making alts and abusing the system to some extent.
this post only for sir.
he understands.
i agree.

Вообщем, еще бы тогда удалить все сервера ранкед, будет отлично
ранкед только в мачмейкинге, как ты написал, я поддерживаю.

И как ты говорил -- нужно сделать мачмейкинг в игре более видным, чтобы выделялся больше и была у всех информация о том -- что если играть мачмейкинг и заработать топ1 -- можно получать тк.

И какова будет награда за топ1 в неделю?

Если прежняя ~900k+ за месяц, то с такими правилами 200к за неделю думаю будет достаточно.

Еще было бы здорово сделать систему вызова ранкед игроков на дуель в мачмейкинге соответственно. Например я топ2, а ты топ1, я желаю с тобой сразится, а ты вечно с браун белтами фармишь ранг.
Или же сделать так, что если какой-либо игрок стоит афк(не желает играть с тобой) -- снимаются поинты, чем больше, тем лучше.(будет знать как искать ранкед игру и отходить(такое дело у меня с семихампой было, когда я искал мачмейкинг будучи топ2, находил его не один раз, и все разы он стоял афк, боялся потерять свои очки играя со мной))

Еще круто было бы сделать историю игр в мачмейкинге с видимым результатом, как ак хистори, только мачмейкинг хистори.

Так же турниры сделать для ранкед игроков.
(1000тк для топ 500-1000
3000тк для топ 200-499
5000тк для топ 50-199
10000тк - 20000тк для топ 49-1 со сменными модами.

Всякие там ачивки за топ1 в сезоне, типа (ЦАРЬ ЯНВАРЬ-МАРТ, ЗАЦАРИТЕЛЬ АПРЕЛЬ-ИЮНЬ и тд)
instead of having a number ranking system why not have a group ranking system?

kinda like how belts are rn, but with the matchmaking system?
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