Opener was hipstr as fuk, but weird. You were having an orgasm of sorts.
The spinny thing was cool. Nice push.
Pec dm fl0wed like super amazingly.
gj on dat
I don't really know how to continue this nor do I know whether or not I should decap the head as well.
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Nice spin. Looks really nice.
I'd say get the chest as well and then manip the head to victory.
made a replay

probably going to reupload every replay on my thread because hampa sucks

also starting to use tags because its harder to find my own replays
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Internet - Doge!.rpl (198.2 KB, 112 views)
judging by both of these replays you could work on how you execute the actual hits
the Doge! replay could have something more creative to it than just a chest boom(and you coulda made something without a grab too)

on the philosophical shitface replay it's the same thing, the last kick doesn't look great at all but rather just like something you stick in there to somehow end the replay.

there's no use in me talking about your movement before your hits though, since it's amazing.
I do say!
Great starter! I'm sure this belies my utterly antiquated handle on the nomenclature, but I wouldn't call that a skeet, though. That's when you throw something at uke far away. For some time skeets that resulted in a dismemberment were known as shurikens, but I'm not sure if that caught on.

Anyhow, you get some very destructive potential in there, and soak it all up with your ankle. Intuitive. Bold. The new black.

I don't want to shoehorn you into anything, but I really liked the starter and made it into a madman. I got a little lazy near the end and didn't get rid of some stiffness in there, but truth be told I never was good with that anyways. Hope you're OK with that. If you feel these edits offend you and the replay-making community as a whole, please tell me and I'll stop making them.

I believe it is the convention to end a comment in this thread with a racial slur. Wog.
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I refuse to grab.
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Philosophical Crabclaw:

Smooth movements, and manip but it is almost exactly like another replay of yours.

manip hits could have a little more oomf if you know what I mean. They were good, but they looked like they didn't push uke hard enough.

spin was coo'

kick was eh, fiddle around with your joints until you can get those perfect hits. Relaxing your ankle makes it a lot easier to ghost, which can help you get the other pec or more maybe.

springy ankles :3



opener was fun to look at, and the manip and movement overall was nice.

kick was good, but like zeto daid, it could be a little bit more creative.

pose was decent, but you gotta flow into your pose, not just move into one.

overall though, good stuff! And hopefully we get into that sp cup thingy, but I'm sure they'll pull some realism replay challenge and thats where I get cut off. :P
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Philosophical Crabclaw: Good-looking manip, although the strike to finish could be more climactic. I especially like the frontflip. It's not bad as it is, but I'd like it more if you either blew all that power into a decap that shoots Uke's head straight up fast, or aimed and tweaked for a ghost between the pecs and land a boom.

 such manip!                   Doge
  WOW      backhand!          So wow! 
               What tail!                    Wow
       Very strikes!        Boomhit WOW!
 Much violence!         Shibegasmic!
Seriously though, I like the manip here even better, especially the way you stop uke where you want him with a backhand, but the hits could look more murderous, again. Really the first DM almost detracts from the impact of the Boomhit, although there's no guarantee of landing it without uke relax-alled.
I refuse to grab.
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