View Poll Results: What is your oppinion of the Ninja/Admin Hanz0?
Yes I like Hanz0 and think he is a wonderfull person
57 Votes / 55.88%
No I dont like Hanz0 for personal reasons
21 Votes / 20.59%
I have no say in the matter, or I dont want to get involved
24 Votes / 23.53%
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Original Post
Your Oppinion on Hanz0
Ok, so recently a lot of players have been banned and some think they shouldn't have. Others believe he is a power abuser. Im not taking sides, but what I am here to do is start a poll, collecting data on what YOU think about Hanz0.

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It doesn't matter what anybody thinks about anybody. Hanz0 has power, you don't. Life's a bitch aye?
Hmmm, I haven't talked to him in my life. So I'm in nobody's side.

The thing is, I think this thread will cause trolling and stupid complains.
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rip aelise, she wil b remembrd
Just collecting Data, not taking sides. Or trying to prove a point.
we have our first voter ladies and gents
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Why do I think he alt?

And why do I think he mad?
nyan :3
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Who is Hanz0?

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I'm not sure of this Hanz0 person, but he is apparently willing to plagiarize names, so I assume he is a terrible person.
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