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Rules and Guidelines [22/09/11] *UPDATED* (28/06/15)
Discussion Rules and Guidelines as of 22/09/11.

The discussion board is used for sensible and structured discussion regarding debatable matters. Valid topics have room for points to be made from conflicting sides that can be asserted with appropriate evidence or opinion. Before creating a thread think carefully if your topic would be better suited to the Off-Topic board.

A) As always global forum rules apply. These can be found by following the link below:
Global Rules.

B) Useless posting is not tolerated within Discussion, below is the criteria used for deeming a post useless:
  • The post holds no relevance to the topic being discussed.
  • The post lacks in enough structure or content to be considered a valid contribution to the topic (no one-sentence posts (except when asking for clarification)).
  • The post lacks any degree of originality.
  • The post has derailing tendencies.

C) Personal digs between users will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to insulting comments, personally directed hate, and unnecessary rhetorical remarks. That being said, rhetoric may slide if it services a point rather than belittle the opposite party in the discussion. If the discussion is getting too heated step back, take a deep breath and make sure you are fully calm before posting a reply. Respect the points made by other users in the same manner you would expect yours to be respected.

D) Cite your sources when asserting a point. What you believe to be common knowledge may in-fact be the opposite.

E) Avoid joining a debate unless you are somewhat knowledgeable on the subject and can offer a worthwhile contribution. Don't take this as a restriction to some users, just ensure you research the topic before joining in. In addition, you should read (or at the very least, skim) a thread before posting on it. What you may think to be "new" and "insightful" may have already been discussed, and the only thing you've accomplished is making yourself look like an idiot and derailing the conversation.

F) Thread titles should be descriptive and relevant to the thread's content.

G) Keep foul language to a minimum. It isn't necessary to get your point across.

Moderator Action
A) The team of local moderators will always try to move a misplaced thread to a more appropriate board. If a board does not exist that fits your thread or the quality is below a certain degree it will be closed.

B) If the moderators feel that a thread has reached its limit, the same points are being made over and over again, it will be closed to prevent it becoming derailed.

C) If a thread becomes 100% one sided it will be closed as it holds no debate/discussion tendencies.

D) Breaking any of the above rules consistently will result in you being blacklisted and having your Discussion access removed. This can be appealed directly to myself if you feel you have good reason for it to be lifted.

E) Any questions or general queries regarding the rules can be PM'd to any of the board local moderators or a super moderator.
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I have decided, due to reading a few posts which should be easy to find because they're now blobs of red text, that you guys should proofread your posts. There's no reason for you not to: the Discussion thread, if it's any good, will still be there when you finally click submit.

That is to say, if you fail to proofread your posts and it's particularly egregious, you can now be infracted.

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Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!
Certain individuals seem to have the misconception that they don't need to read a thread before joining in and giving their "new" and "insightful" opinions. I've added some stuff to rule E to correct that misconception.

If you're so important and busy that you can't be bothered to read a thread, don't post. Chances are you're not presenting anything that anyone's going to care about or consider.

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