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[TP] Who is who: hanz0

Who is hanz0? A comic artist and bee aficionado, he currently resides just a bit outside of the spotlight but he's still a vital part of Toribash. This Space Cop used to manage the market and help sink tc and keep the Market Squad in line. Nowadays he works behind the scenes in upper administration and occasionally coming in to yell at those lower down on the ladder than him. So today ToriPress is giving you a closer look at hanz0.


<ManlyPotato> Hello hanz0 and how are you today?

<hanz0> sick

<hanz0> otherwise alive

<ManlyPotato> Sounds delightful, but letís get this interview underway. Who are you? age/location etc

<hanz0> whoa whoa are we starting these interviews with a/s/l nowadays

<ManlyPotato> Pretty much, gotta get a general snapshot of who you are and then we get into the juicy and somewhat creepy details.

<hanz0> 21/m/spaaaaaaaaace

<hanz0> let's go with that, yes

<ManlyPotato> So what is your role in the Toribash community for those who don't know?

<hanz0> it's always mildly disappointing when people don't know who I am. Like I know I'm a master of subtlety and all but jeez

<hanz0> let's see, how to describe my position

<hanz0> previously I was the admin in charge of market/market squad/scams and bla de bla, these days that's mostly being handled by others since due to work and stuff I haven't got the time to be overseeing them constantly so these days I'm mostly behind the scenes upper-level administration I guess

<ManlyPotato> You're also an IRCop, correct?

<hanz0> yes

<hanz0> oh for the days when most of the community recognized my name (and certain less tasteful groups hated it)

<ManlyPotato> Most of the community doesn't know your name now a days?

<hanz0> sometimes it seems like it

<hanz0> I'm not quite as directly involved in forum stuff anymore so people don't really see me doing stuff (read as: banning people and making them sad)

<hanz0> ... or confiscating items/tc and then banning them and making them really sad

<ManlyPotato> I pity the users who got all of their items confiscated and then banned (not). How did you find Toribash in the first place? What was the community like at that time?

<hanz0> I originally found tb from watching noweb's great 'how not to play hitman' videos on youtube and then looking at his other stuff which happened to include tb videos

<hanz0> the community at the time, hmm

<hanz0> that's a hard one, I mostly kept to myself until we formed [no] and I started idling in irc more. Iím inclined to say that the general demographics of any community tend to stay the same even though the people change

<hanz0> but that's the scientist in me talking

<ManlyPotato> Everyone loves the scientist you.

<ManlyPotato> Now, how did you rise to power as a major player in the Toribash community?

<hanz0> it all happened rather quickly really

<hanz0> when I showed up in Toribash the market (which has traditionally been my main area of focus) was a total shitstorm. Everything was one single board, very, very minimal rules with very, very minimal enforcement

<hanz0> so one day veb was looking around in irc for new local mods and since I was wanting to get started selling textures in the market I offered to revamp market completely. He gave me local mod and set up the foundation for the market as we know it today (just the art/textures and items boards, if memory serves) and I spent the rest of the day moving all the existing threads into their proper places

<hanz0> so there's me as the single local mod in market, and I had to report all the posts needing infraction since I didn't have those permissions. And one day jok queries me and goes "hey you're reporting so many posts, why don't we just make you smod"

<ManlyPotato> Just like that?

<hanz0> pretty much, yeah

<hanz0> I never submitted a formal app for any of my staff positions really

<hanz0> bla bla I did smod for a while, since I was almost literally the only one doing market stuff they decided to up me to admin and have me in charge of that section

<hanz0> before I decided to set up market squad I would literally check all the new threads in market each day to see what was going on, bit of a time-consuming endeavour, I pumped out a terrifying number of infractions in those days. Probably even to this day nobody's yet approached the number of infractions I've given

<ManlyPotato> What are your thoughts on the community today?

<hanz0> like I said the general demographics of a community don't really change too much over time

<hanz0> always gonna be a more or less elitist group of older players, a middle group of more confident players who have established themselves, and a bunch of new users that don't know the 'culture' so to speak

<hanz0> I've been around long enough to know that one new group isn't much different from the last

<ManlyPotato> What are your thoughts on Steam and Toribash being greenlit, do you think the greater audience of Steam will help, or hinder Toribash?

<hanz0> hard to say given tb's notoriously high learning curve. It'll definitely bring in more people but whether or not we can retain them is a hard question

<hanz0> eh, not sure what else I have to say on that subject

<ManlyPotato> Now most people know of your comic, for those who donít you can click here to view it. Have you always been drawing them? What got you interested in drawing?

<hanz0> yeah I've pretty much always doodled and sketched, previously a lot of technical stuff but recently mostly comics when I've got the time. Probably I got started in school because I never really did serious note-taking and doodling actually did help me from completely drifting off

<hanz0> I've never actually believed in formal art classes beyond learning techniques though, 'assigned creativity' so to speak seems a bit ridiculous. Beyond the traditional pencil/paper I do a fair bit of digital as well, obviously the texturing I used to do plus some graphic design stuff for fun

<ManlyPotato> Who is your favourite staff member? What do you think of the current staff?

<hanz0> hmm

<hanz0> beyond the obvious ishi response, I do pretty well with suo, we're both fairly rational and level-headed etc

<hanz0> obviously we don't always make the exact same conclusions about every topic but we're capable of discussing things and rationalizing our own opinions without worrying about arguing for the sake of arguing or egos or whatever

<hanz0> current staff, current staff...

<hanz0> let's say that I'm confident enough in the competence of the higher administration to not worry about lower-level staff screwups too much

<hanz0> screwups do happen and sometimes I get to come in and yell at people but for the most part people do their jobs. Obviously not everyone gets along perfectly but that's the nature of people working together

<ManlyPotato> Since you don't play Toribash that much anymore, what are your current favourite games to play?

<hanz0> at the moment I'm alternating between starbound, payday 2, warframe, and smite depending on my mood

<hanz0> although I'm currently in one of those moods where I'm not in the mood for any games at all and so I'm reading a lot, but generally speaking I enjoy rpg-type games or less competitive mp games where I can dick around

<ManlyPotato> And that wraps up our interview, thanks for your time and have a nice day.

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I thought you were a total jerk in your active days. I'm sorry. You work pretty hard.
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I thought you were a total jerk in your active days. I'm sorry. You work pretty hard.

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