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This replay thread will contain the following:
-S (Spar)
-T (Tricking)
-M (Madman)
-P (Parkour)

Any feedback is appreciated, thank you for viewing my replays.
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bro i missed you so much man, and you've still got it after all those years.

neutral had a lot of good shit going for it in my honest opinion
opener was pretty.. out of the ordinary i would say, going from the wonky ass movement to the initial kick didn't look that clean, the sudden knee contraction at 515 was a no no, since you were just relaxing that said knee a few frames before and it just looked choppy, but i don't see any other way for you to make it cleaner if you were still trying to go for the route you went with, everything after 470 was fucking slick, i like how manipulate uke, the hits were nice and clean, and the grab was nicely used to propel uke into a faster spin, i dig that shit, but unfortunately you grabbed uke again but this time, you stopped the spin in its tracks to go into the dismemberment session, even though that should be a bad thing, you clearly obliterated fairly well, the kicks were done very neatly, they just went through uke so smoothly and flowed nicely throughout.
you still have some room left for improvement, and i can't wait to see said improvement.

we gotta catch up sometime man <3
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wow i definitely cannot say i expected this in 2022. i must confess i've never heard of you before and thats a huge shame because you are really fucking good
its very obvious you put a lot of effort and thought into all of these replays and that alone is very valuable, but it doesnt end there. the actual execution itself is incredibly solid. i'm not going to go into detail with cnc on each replay because frankly i just dont really feel like it right now, but you definitely have a fuck ton of potential on top of already being great, keep making replays and youll surely be the next big thing, cant wait for more.
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Thank you so much for the honest feedbacks! I think I do have potential, but I'm not really into it, I do this for fun and game. So yeah, I'm still glad you like the replays!

And no, I don't use discord anymore.

New replays! I'm back again, I'm a bit rusty in these replays, but I still got it, I think. Any feedback is appreciated as always.
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Tricking_Style - Starts with a sideswipe vanish aerial, irl transitions have always been my favorite to watch in toribash so i respect the vanish and pop tricks. The only thing that really stands out to me is when landing the first aerial, you swing into the first cork with your right leg as the plant leg. Since you started the replay left-twisting, everything from this point on is technically considered a "darkside" trick as after the first two tricks you switch to right-twist for the rest of the replay (landing on left-leg from the aerial would continue the left-twisting momentum). Nothing about this is particular badly done, but irl you dont really see someone start a combo twisting one way and switch half-way.

Although you did a lot of corks, each one was on a different axis and you also variated a couple them. I would like to see more cork variations in the future! With the amount of momentum at the end, I would have loved to see a crazy variation that is your "ender". The cork to knee, for me, kinda makes it feel like an unfinished combo. Your sense of flow and control is good though so keep experimenting.

I cant really comment on the madmans too much as I mainly do tricking and I'm still working on getting better at them myself, you have some really neat openers but may need to work on your boomhits. The doubleknee is rush was particularly sweet.

Do more tricking! You have a unique style and i'd like to see more from you!
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Thanks for the feedback, I'll learn to not do the moves repetitively and try to add more variation haha, I think mixing real life movement in tricking would be interesting to try, I'll give it a go someday.


Another mad man replays, It's been a while since I did a manipulation replay, and I've been practicing with my boom hits and some momentum.
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You have really solid movement, I'd just work more on making it smoother, most of your joints are on hold a lot of the time and you tend to "spike"/twitch sometimes

both replays have simple openers but they flow pretty well into the replay

I actually really like the spins you do at the beggining of break, and the transition to the kick is just
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Thanks for the commenting! And yeah, most of my movement in my replays are not that smooth, it's something major that I have to work on. I can't really think of a unique opener at the moment, creativity, another thing that needs more practice.

I 'can' do most of the stuff, but 'difficult' to master them haha
You actually got the hang of it, it seems you are able to do what you want to do(Ironically what I still struggle to do most of the time lol), just the movement is a bit off because you're too stiff, just gotta relax the joints according to the movement you're going to do.

Oh yeah, imo openers are the worst things to make ever.
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